Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Part 33...The 40 Plate Chart

In all races, nationalities, sex, caste or colors there is one universal mind. It's called the carnal mind. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, smart or stupid or even pretty or ugly, it all operates the same way. If you are wondering what the people think in China or Africa or even in the North Pole just because they look different from the outside and speak another language, it still doesn't matter they all have the same carnal mind. To Yahweh the carnal mind is all the same whether you appear good or bad or put on an act to appear all nice, it's all the same to Pure Spirit. If you don't know Yahweh then what difference does it make if you are good or bad? If you don't know, you don't know. The carnal mind doesn't know Yahweh and it's been designed not to know. It has many concepts and ideas about God, but can never know Yahweh as He really is.

The only one who knows the Father is the Son and the only one who knows the Son is the Father. What that really means is the only one who knows Yahweh as He really is and actually exists are those divine attributes and the only one who knows those divine attributes is the Father. Why is that? Because it's the same Spirit. Divine Intelligence doesn't change because it has moved from the abstract to taking on shape and form. It's still divine Intelligence only now it has organized itself to be known in a divine vision. That is also true with all the other divine attributes. Love remains divine Love no matter if it is in the abstract, intermediate or appearing in the physical. It's still divine Love.You have to remember that Yahweh is Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, etc. He doesn't have it, He is it. That is what Spirit is, the Source and Substance, the limits and bounds of Intelligence, Love, Beauty, Power, etc. When divine Wisdom appears in the physical, it's still divine Wisdom only now it is working in the material world. It didn't take all of Yahweh to take on shape and form which is to say it didn't take all of Intelligence to produce Himself as Yahweh Elohim. In fact there is no beginning or end to divine Intelligence.

The same power exists in Yahweh as it does in Yahweh Elohim only now it's organized to carry out the purpose and plan. That is the only difference. The Son (Yahweh Elohim) must now carry out the divine will of the Father (Yahweh). As soon as Yahweh stepped into shape and form the purpose must be carried out. It's too late to change anything now as the purpose and plan has become activated and has moved into action. Your birth into this world will now come to pass and it's too late to change your physical manifestation now. Wow. Isn't it marvelous to realize you existed in Yahweh when he first thought up this particular purpose and plan? Such knowledge is too high. It is no coincidence that I am writing and you are reading right now. That is why we have been purposed to be here and manifested in the flesh. No accidents in Yahweh's purpose remember.

The carnal mind doesn't know about these divine attributes (Yahweh) no more than a hog knows about dentistry. That is the way Yahweh made it for his worthy opponent and contrast. What became a contrast in knowing Yahweh in you, is the way you use to think, right? We even laugh at our own calamity which is your spiritual self getting its glory over your physical self. It is just that simple when you break it all down. What is taking place in your cloud has been both mysteries operating down through your dispensation and ages, only now through divine Knowledge and Intelligence you are being made aware of this.

Don't forget you give life to your physical mind and your spiritual mind as it's still you (spirit) filling your thoughts. If you take a trip to Europe, you are going to be there too, right? I mean where ever you go, your going to be there too. You're still in the cloud in your head. Where ever the cloud goes, you go. Hasn't your whole life really been existing in your head right from the moment you landed here on planet earth? You have never been outside the cloud even if you have an out of the body experience. When you came here the creation appeared unto you. I am talking about where the real Spirit has been all the time. The world thinks God is up in the sky and you are down here. Well that is the way it all starts with a carnal mind, but now Yahweh Elohim is appearing in your cloud (divine Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, etc.), as this is where we are finding and knowing Yahweh as He actually exists.

If you go within yourself, you will see that all your history from being a baby on up has been in your cloud. You can resurrect most thoughts and they will bring back to your remembrance what you did. You are actually reaching back within your source and bringing thoughts into shape and form so you can think them. All your thoughts are in you but they all can not make their appearance at one time. When they take on a organized shape and form, then you are able to recognize them. Your thoughts are you in a invisible shape and form. When you go back into the law and prophets it is you that is giving life to all the boys back there. You are animating their living, moving and their being by the divine Spirit that you really are and they are all testifying of you. In other words it's the divine attributes moving down the dispensations and ages picking one up and setting another down. The divine attributes are moving in each individual and displaying Yahweh's purpose and plan in the physical. Where is Adam, Noah, Joshua, Moses, and Yahshua? Somebody will say in the bible. No, they are all in your head, in the cloud. You have resurrected them from the dead to give life to them. There is only words in the bible and it is you that gives the meaning to them. I will appear in the cloud saith Yahweh.

We are talking about Yahweh who is the Source and substance of these divine attributes and not a God up in the sky looking down on you to see what you will do. He is the sum total of all your cells, thoughts and experiences as you live, move and have your being within Him. Now this is the Yahweh who is making Himself known through this divine vision. Please do not put this Spirit back under the law in your mind with rules and regulations. In this age (Present Kingdom Age) it is free without limits or boundaries. No man takes My Life, I lay it down in the law and prophets and pick it up again in this age.

He has fulfilled the old law and moved it out of the way and resurrected a quickening Spirit don't forget. What that really means, you are free from the law of sin and death. All your old false concept, ideas and opinions of what your carnal mind thought was good or evil has now been fulfilled by those divine attributes resurrecting back to the Father, not up in the sky, but within you. The veils in your temple are now ripped in twain. This is where you enter the Most Holy Place (Present Kingdom Age) according to the pattern which removes the last veil in your heart and mind. You are now free to worship Yahweh in Spirit and in Truth.

Your carnal mind will say does this mean you can do anything you want now. Yes, only now all those divine attributes are going to lead you in all your ways. Acknowledge Yahweh in all your ways, and He shall direct thy path. We could not do this under the law, but now we can because Yahshua has resurrected back to the Father and poured out His Spirit into our heart and mind. You don't have to obey those divine attributes, they will cause you to walk in His statues. Divine Intelligence doesn't obey anything or anybody. It's divine Intelligence and the Source of it. Who else can it obey but itself. Is there anybody greater than the Source and Substance itself? Of course not.

In your body there is the voluntary and involuntary systems. These two systems represent the old and new covenants. Once Yahweh writes His law in your heart and mind, which is the new covenant, it's all automatic and everything is done for you just like the involuntary system. Yahweh takes over as you become aware of this reality. It separates you from your carnal mind (old covenant to become Spirit or new covenant). It does say Yahweh is the one who is going to write His law in your inward part. Your not really learning, Yahweh is revealing Himself. Your physical mind thinks it is still learning like it did from a baby on up (ante and post diluvian ages) but in the Present Kingdom Age it is being poured out from Yahweh. You can't reveal Yahweh Elohim in a divine vision, He reveals Himself, right? I will appear in the cloud.

Now once you start to become one with those divine attributes (not in totality) then divine Intelligence, divine Beauty, and divine Strength, etc., reveal themselves and it is those divine attributes that provide you with your spiritual understanding, and is your spiritual understanding. Instead of having those divine attributes, you become them. Being aware of this reality in all your ways puts you in the Most Holy Place of your understanding which becomes your 3rd trip in the mount which is the Promised Land.

To be continued. The Ark


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