Monday, May 21, 2007

Part 34<><><>The 40 Plate Chart

You have heard about it... You have seen pictures... Now experience it!

Experience is in the Most Holy Place. This is where what we have seen with our eyes and heard with our ears now becomes real. The place (Most Holy Place) that exists within our own cloud becomes the meeting place to become one with Yahweh. What all the scriptures are pointing to and what all the correlations that we have heard and lined up are now declaring, is the real Spirit that has dwelt in us since we have been here. I will appear in the cloud. This is the Yahweh we are finding and knowing. Everything leads and guides us to this reality of the Ever Presence of Yahweh our Elohim.

If you were to go back 20 years from today, how many people would be missing from this earth? All those people that are 20 years and younger, right? I mean all those physical bodies would disappear and anybody you would have known 20 years or younger would not even be in existence. This may include your children, or even your own self. Go back even further. Take 150 years off. There would be nobody that is living right now on planet earth. No not one. Are you listening? Everybody that is now alive in a physical body seeing and hearing, there would be no sign of them. Invisible. Not materialized. Nowhere to be found in this world. Take a moment to visualize this............................... Now look at it with your divine eyes of understanding. You're looking right into divine Power. Pure divine Wisdom is unfolding right before your very eyes. Nobody is in existence that is visible right now. Wow!!!

So where is all this flesh and bone coming from and how did all these people arrive here on planet earth? Something to think about isn't? What I am trying to say is we have heard about it... seen it with our own eyes... now it's time to experience it. Experience what, you might ask? The Power of Yahweh (Pure Spirit) to pass the veil of invisibility to visibility so that something that wasn't in existence now is fully animated and can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste to experience this world we are living in. Tag, your it. Consciousness, awareness of this world is now made manifested. And on top of all this, to witness the return trip that is happening within your cloud.

We have seen on the charts how Yahweh can come down out of pure Spirit and take on shape and form to be seen in a divine vision and then appear in physical form and then return the same way. We have heard that over and over again and seen witnesses of it. Well don't leave it there just to find another correlation to correlate it with, but 'let us' experience it for ourselves. You are the very witness yourself. This is how we miss finding and knowing Yahweh as He really is and actually exists out of habit. We can't find the tree because of the forest (think about that one). Our physical minds have ruled us most of our lives and we have just lived out of our daily routine. We have seen babies come out of the womb and grow up so many times that we have become comfortably numb.

We have even had our own children appear after spending nine months taking on shape and form in the womb and were not even in existence prior to that time and still not seen the reality. We have become so use to the miracle of life that we don't see it any more. It has become invisible. We have seen with our eyes and heard with our ears but remain blind and deaf. You don't believe me? Just look at yourself. Your very existence into this world is proof. You have now hidden yourself from yourself to reveal yourself to yourself.

This is where the divine attributes come into play. They are the ones that are going to reveal Yahweh. In fact they are the only ones as they make up the very Son who we are seeking. Don't forget Yahweh is Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, etc. He doesn't have it, He is it. Some will say it's only through Yahshua that we can be saved. Well who is Yahshua? Is he another person in the God head? No. It's the same spirit as these three are one. If it's the same Spirit and Yahweh is Spirit and Spirit is those attributes, then Yahshua is those attributes manifested. It is when you are in This Son that Yahweh will appear in your cloud.

Now when we look at all these pictures on the 40 plate chart and read all the scriptures that are on them, is Yahweh Elohim appearing in your cloud? You've heard about it... you've seen pictures... now experience it!

You can't get any higher than experience. It means you have lived through the event personally. It's greater than words and even thoughts. Experience means you become the event yourself. Now this is how Yahweh is revealing Himself. Why you might ask? Because where we are eventually going, experience will be the reality. The charts and bible and even physical class will not be in existence any more.

Just like before we arrived here to experience this world that Yahweh is materializing into, Spirit will change its form. We are going back to the place we came from only this time it's in the revealing of His Son (all those divine attributes). We are being specially prepared. Everything that has been revealed to us has been for this very moment. That is why Yahweh is clearly being experienced by the things we have heard and seen.

Make them one as you and I are one, is experience. Let this mind be in you that was in Yahshua the Messiah, is divine reality. For who hath known the mind (spirit) of Yahweh, that he may teach it? But we who have the mind (spirit) of the Messiah. That's the divine attributes. At that day, you shall know that I am in the Father and ye in Me, and I in you. That day is not a physical day, but the day of eternity, just as Moses entered. In the phenomenal cloud right now as you are caught up in The Spirit. There is no time in this cloud. It's phenomenal. These and many more scriptures will become real. Having Yahweh Elohim revealing Himself in a divine vision and understood by divine revelation is truly the only experience that will last for eternity.

Yes, we are experiencing this reality now, but it will shortly come to pass that Yahweh will display the full reality so that we can experience Him in ages to come. When we truly take this flesh off we will go back to the place before we became visible. This change will take place and is taking place in The Cloud. The Kingdom does not come with display. You are actually taking the flesh off as you read these words. You should be absorbing these words instead of just reading the letter forms. They should have an affect on you. If you are in the same place as I am, there you will be also.

When the end comes it is not going to be the conclusion, but it will be a new beginning just like it was to us when we appeared here. Only instead of coming down into visibility we are going back to invisibility. It's already happening.

We have only experienced this earth for the amount of years we have been on it, so compare that to eternity, this is just a twinkle in Yahweh's eye. I am talking about Divine Intelligence, Wisdom and Knowledge that has no beginning or end. His purpose has a beginning and end, but not Yahweh who is Pure Spirit. We are experiencing one of Yahweh's purpose's ourselves when we began our journey as a sperm and egg that came out of invisibility. Yes, here we are manifested in one trillion cells that has come to form the fleshly body and is breathing the name of Yahweh and yes you are reading these words by the one who is dwelling in your cloud right now.

You have heard about it... You have seen pictures... Now experience it! The Ark


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